• $3 per litre – up to 20 litres
  • $2.75 per litre – over 20 litres

A discount of 20% will apply for any refills, just bring your container back to us and we will refill it on the spot, no waiting!

Please note that no chemicals are used in this process.

Concentrated Organic Liquid Fertiliser.

Concentrated, organic liquid fertiliser is a premium fertiliser, which is made by leaching the specially designed worm beds over a period of four weeks using a special feeding process. This process enables Macarthur Worms to produce a highly nutritional, and cost effective liquid organic fertiliser. This premium fertiliser is the only liquid fertiliser you will ever need for your plants, trees, vegetables, lawns and as a remedy for sick or stressed plants. Plants and fruits treated with this fertiliser are larger in size, grow faster, taste better and are all round healthier. Used in conjunction with worm castings, this liquid fertiliser also helps plants to repel insect attack. Diseases will not ruin your plants if the biology in your soil is right!


  • Dilute the liquid fertiliser by adding 1 part blend to 10 parts water for established plants.
  • For new plants, fruit, vegetables and tress, strengthen the mix to 1 part blend to 4 parts water.
  • For lawns, mix 1 part blend to 20 parts water.
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